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Hassan Karimzadeh has been a prolific Visual artist; Iranian Graphic designer, Cartoonist and director of art for many years. He was born in Tehran and studied at the Plastic Arts School & University of Art in Tehran.
He is a main member of some international journalism and arts associations, such as: (IGDS) Iran, (ICOGRADA) Canada, (CFP) France, and (IFJ) Belgium, and Ambassador of the United Sketches international association in France.
His works have been exhibited in a solo exhibition under title of “Hassanland” in Osijek (2006, Croatia), and also in some "Cartooning for Peace" programs around the world.
Hassan has achieved numerous titles, honors and important prizes; during his artistic career, such as: Title of the "F.U.N" (Friend of United Nations) from United Nations (2007, Swiss), 1st. prizes of "World Press Cartoon" International contest (in two years: 2008 & 2010, Portugal), "GOLD" prize of Logo designing, and "SILVER" prize of Poster designing from International Institute of Visual Communication; "Graphis" (2012, USA), First International “Editorial Cartoon Prize” (2012, Swiss), Selected designer as one of the 5 “world-renowned cartoonists” who have kindly provided their work to highlight freedom of expression; by "Wan-Ifra" -World Association of News Publishers (2013, France), Top trophy of the fourth "Silver Cypress" selected graphic works biennial (2015 Iran), “Grand award” in the first annual "Art of Book design" (2015 Iran), and title of the “Top Ten” designers from the COW (Center of the World) international festival (2016 Ukraine), “Selected Poster” of the eighth "Poster Heroes" international contest (2019 Italy)...

Even in the course of his artistic life, he was arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison!
His Articles, Works and interviews printed in various Journals, in Iran and abroad.
Hassan has published a number of books for himself and his colleagues till now; to record and display of visual experiences. such as: "Human Rights" "Hooz" "The Black Miniatures", and a series - "A book of Portraits"(from 2000 till now).
He has judged for various national and international Graphic and Cartoon contests.
Now, he is chairman of "Hich graphic studio", Art director of "Tash" publishing house, and art director of "Ghahveh" and "Shahrzad" monthly magazine.



Born in Iran at 1982.

A.D in Painting at Sooreh Art University. B.A in Visual Art at Pars University. M.A in Visual Art at Pars University.
For more than one decade he has contributed Graphic works to different newspapers & magazines, such as: "Tamashagaran" sport magazine, "Boors" economic journal, "Ahd" monthly, "Negah-e Nou" quarterly journal, "Homa" airport magazine, "Asr-e Keifiat" magazine, etc.
He had Art director & Graphic designer of "Andishe-gostar" monthly (2002-2013) & Graphic-designing for interior publishers such as Koochak, Vaaheh, Parian (from 2011 till now), Ta`ali Andisheh (2013-2016),
Zanboor (2016-2019), Porteghal (2019), Koraseh (from 2021 till now), Donya-e-Eqtesad (from 2017 till now) & Art Drector at Jam-e-Jam Publishing (2019).
He was
Production Manager and Art Director at Saad Publishing (From December 2019 till now).
He also accomplished numerous propagandistic projects for some institutions and companies, such as: Anti-narcotics organization, Cultural & Artistic organization of Tehran municipality, Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance, Saipa car-corp.
He has had many Graphic group exhibitions in Iran.
Also had experience in Film-editing, tow-dimensional animation and three-dimensional modeling.



Born in Tehran at 1987. He studied Painting at Shahed Art College.
Nine-year-old, he started as a contributor with Aftabgardan newspapers. And for more than ten years he has made Cartoons & Illustrations for different newspapers & magazines, such as: Tamashagaran, Tassvir, Film, Sobh-e emrooz, Etemad-e melli, Khabar, etc.
Mahdi is recipient of the many awards in manifold international exhibitions such as: First prize from “Road” contest/ Iran 2003. Second prize from “Tehran Biennial” contest/ Iran 2003. Third prize from “FCW” contest/ China 2003 & 2004, etc.
His works were chosen as a one of the better illustrations of the year in 43rd. Bologna international book fair/ Italy 2009.
As a Juror he has participated in some Cartoon & Illustration contests, such as: “Hygiene” Cartoon contest/ 2004. “Textbooks” Illustration contest/ 2004.
Mahdi has had 3 Individual art exhibitions, and many group exhibitions.
Now, he is a freelance Illustrator.

Caricatures by Mahmood Mokhtari / 2009