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The world Poster heroes in Italy

The "Poster Heroes" international contest held his eighth course in Torino (Italy). The organizer of the event announced that 2125 posters from 108 different countries have participated this year. The posters were judged by international judges, and the best posters of 2019 were selected.

Accordingly Hassan Karimzadeh`s name has been announced as one of the top designers in the list of winners of the 8th "Poster Heroes" international contest (2019).

"Integration and Convergence" was chosen as the theme of the year.

Posterheroes is an international contest about social design and social communication asking to the international creative community to express powerful messages through a poster 70×100 cm about social and environmental issues.

Hassan was chosen as "Top Ten" in Ukraine

IGDS: The COW (Center of the World) international festival jury (Ukraine) chose Hassan Karimzadeh as one of the "Top Ten" designers in the field of book design.

Hassan won this award for design of the Black Miniatures. This is the fourth honor to design of this book; from three years ago until now.

The COW festival is a global forum that showcases world-class design, held in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine). It attracts designers from Europe, Asia, Australia and America in the fields of Illustration, Book Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Interior Design and Fashion Design.


Hassan wins the best book cover design award

IBNA: The jury committee of the first annual "Art of Book design" announced the award-winning "best book cover design" In the last three years.
Accordingly Hassan Karimzadeh received Grand prize for book cover design of the “News Liuguistics”; published by Elmi publication.
The annual "Art of Book design” is organized by Iran Book House under the Ministry of Culture and guidance, in Tehran. This event was held on the occasion of the 23rd. Iran book week festival.

The Black Miniatures awarded prize for the best book design

In the closing ceremony of the fourth "Silver Cypress" graphic biennial that was held in the Institute for the Intellectual Development (IIDCYA), the winners of different sections were introduced and they were awarded Cypress trophy.
In Book design section Hassan Karimzadeh won the top prize in the fourth course of this event, for design of the Black Miniatures.
Event "Silver Cypress" (based in Tehran) is held biennially with the aim of selecting the best works of Iranian graphic designers. Iranian Graphic Designers Society is organizer the event with the support of Ico-D.

Mahdi wins the best illustrator award

In a ceremony which is held at the Center of cultural and artistic Creation, Intellectual Development center of Children and teenagers, in Tehran on 9th of July in 2013, 57 works of art were deserved to receive award out of the 682 reviewed ones in parts of children and teenager in the sixteenth festival.

These works in the fields of "Poetry," "writing stories for children and young children", " writing stories for teens", "translation of the story", "academic and educational", "religious", "rewriting", "Biography", "Illustration, graphic, and Cover Design" and " our books " were evaluated by referees’ groups.

In the " Illustration " part, judges Mohammad Ali Bani asadi, Kourosh Pârsânejâd and Masoud Nejâbati awarded Mahdi Karimzâdeh who illustrated "Primary Questions, Infinite Answers" of Ofogh publication, for the best illustrator in Adult`s (non-fiction) group due to the pleasant deformation with smooth writing and ideas which are comprehendible for teenagers.

First International Editorial Cartoon Prize

C.F.P: On May 3rd; on the occasion the World Press Freedom Day, the Swiss Foundation “Cartooning for Peace” will pay a tribute to cartoonists whose talent, contribution and commitment to the values of Tolerance, Freedom and Peace deserve to be recognized, encouraged and supported.
For the first time, Kofi Annan (Nobel Peace Prize and Honorary President of “Cartooning for Peace”) and Pierre Maudet (Mayor of the City of Geneva), presented the First “International Editorial Cartoon Prize” to four Iranian cartoonists; Firoozeh Mozaffari, Hassan Karimzadeh, Kianoosh Ramezani, Mana Neyestani, representing a new generation of very talented artists. The international jury was composed by Kenneth Roth (executive director of Human Rights Watch), Pierre Maudet (Mayor of Geneva), and three cartoonists; Jean Plantu (France), Patrick Chappatte (Switzerland) and Liza Donnelly (USA).

Hassan wins Graphis "G" Gold award

The "Graphis" winners were introduced.

According to the International Institute of Visual Communication (New York) Hassan Karimzadeh won the "GOLD" prize of Logo designing, during 2011. Hassan had participated in this event by two logotypes and two signs.

In order to present all the most important and the most successfully accomplished projects in the field of graphic design, marketing, illustration and photography, the Graphis magazine publishes an annual edition for each of the awarded categories.

"The Fish and the Pond" in Barcelona

Two books titled "Gun playing" and "The Fish and the Pond" (Illustrated by Mahdi Karimzadeh) was exhibited & sold in International Festival of Illustrated Books in Barcelona, Spain (23 - 28 May 2011).

Mahdi`s New Released

Recently, published two books called; "Gun-playing" and "These days" in Tehran.
Mahdi Karimzadeh -as illustrator- has designed 120 frames for these two books. He has used Linocut and pen & ink techniques in creating images of these books.
See some pictures of "Gun-playing".

Hassan has won first prize in W.P.C 2010

Once again, Hassan Karimzadeh was able to gain the first prize in the World Press Cartoon international contest.
World Press Cartoon is the most important and most glorious event in the world of Caricatures and Cartoons; which is held each year in tourist-friendly city of Sintra (Portugal).
The Hassan`s cartoon was published in the daily Etemad-e Melli, of Tehran, and was the 1st. winner of the sixth edition of World Press Cartoon In the category of Gag. The award was delivered in a ceremony in Sintra, before of the official inauguration of the exhibition in the Sintra Museum of Modern Art.
The World Press Cartoon (Sintra 2010) is aimed to distinguish and promote the best works produced and published in newspapers or magazines, in the areas of editorial cartoon, caricature and gag cartoon, along 2009. The jury of this edition analyzed a total of 878 drawings of 429 authors, of 77 nationalities, published in 401 newspapers of 51 countries.
Hassan, two years ago also was won first prize, in the same contest.

These Days in Tehran

Mahdi Karimzadeh demonstrated his new illustration works, under name of These Days from 8 to 19 April 2010.
Mahdi’s Twenty-five tableau was released in Aria Gallery (Tehran). This exhibition includes works which was created for a book with the same name that is written by Alireza Mir-asadullah.

International Olympic Committee chose the 9 cartoonists

The I.O.C (International Olympic Committee/ Lausanne) has selected nine talented cartoonists from around the world to be the official cartoonists to the Olympic Committee. The final list of chosen artists is; Norio Yamanoi (Japan),Thierry Barrigue (Switzerland), Daryl Cagle (USA), Jason Chatfield (Australia), Hassan Karimzadeh (Iran), Dario Castillejos (Mexico), Michel Kichka (Belgium), Godfrey Amon Mwampwemba -Gado (Kenya) and Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia).
They were illustrated the different themes and sub-themes of the Olympic Congress.
Their works published in the form of postcards and the "Olympic Review" magazines. "Olympic Review" is published by the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland.

A Book of Portraits (6) has published

This book includes some Caricatures of Carlos Alberto Amorim –Brazilian hardworking Cartoonist & Illustrator.
In this book he draw some of the world famous characters; politicians ranging, athletes, actors and writers. As a professional designer he has started his work in age of twenty, and until today it has continued.
A Book of Portraits (6) has published by efforts of Hassan Karimzadeh, and now available in Iran.

A Book of Portraits (5) has published

This book is the fifth volume of A Book of Portraits Caricature-collection.
Eduardo Baptistão; prominent cartoonist from Sao Paulo -by efforts and encourage of Hassan Karimzadeh- depicted Brazilian national Soccer-team & coaches’ portraits in this book, which published by Hich Publishing.
Features of A Book of Portraits (5) is in providing full specifications of the Brazilian Soccer-team (in 2 languages; Persian and English), along side of their portraits, along with a considerable introduction by Nader Davoodi (international photographer and sport-journalist).
It is interesting to know; Baptistão as a Cartoonist & Illustrator has been acting in the editorial market since 1985, then he published his first work in the newspaper Folha de Sao Paolo. Also, he has collaborated with various publications.
A Book of Portraits as the only reference in the field of Caricature-Portrait Art, known and has been welcomed in Iran.

Sundry orders of Mahdi!

An exhibition by Mahdi Karimzadeh was shown in Tehran.
This exhibition -under name of Sundry orders- was established on June 7 to 11 2009 in Saba artistic-cultural institute. Mahdi’s Twenty-five new works, who was working Linocut technique, was released in this exhibition, and works were welcomed.